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Woman Slips Her Fingernail Into Her Drink Then Immediately Calls The Cop

According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), an American is raped every 98 seconds. Staggering to think about. People aged 18 to 34 have the highest risk of being raped. One out of every six women in the United States has been a victim of an attempted rape or rape in her lifetime.

Image Credit: ambernambrose / Flickr

Last static for you – women aged 18 to 24 and in college are three times more likely to be raped than women not in college.

Image Credit: Jamie / Flickr

But, thanks to four enterprising young men at North Carolina State University a revolutionary nail polish is about to be launched – and it will change color to tell you if your drink has been spiked with a drug! The four men were trying to help their female friends be safe while out dating or going to bars.

Image Credit: Undercover Colors / Facebook

All you have to do is stick your finger in the drink before you drink and wait. You will only have a few seconds for the color change! The nail polish company, called Undercover Colors was started back in 2014 and will finally release its product this year!

Image Credit: Undercover Colors / Facebook

Finally, the power is back in the hands of the woman! The nail polish is being called wearable technology and will change color when it comes into contact with the common date rape drugs ecstasy and Rohypnol. Be on the lookout for this amazing product and be sure to tell your loved ones that it is coming to stores soon! The tables have turned!

Image Credit: Undercover Colors / Facebook

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