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This is why dogs follow you into the bathroom. I never knew this!

All dog owners know they can rely on their furry friends at all times. And they can also rely on never going to the bathroom alone.

This is a funny fact of owning a dog: the little guy will follow you to the bathroom every single time. This behavior might seem strange for first-time dog owners, but vets explained why all dogs do this. It’s all about puppy love!



The wolf inside your doggy:
Dogs are pack creatures by default, so they feel the need to be with their pack at all times. One of the most important moments when they want to have their back covered is when they are checking their territory and mark it. Which is exactly what going to bathroom looks like to your dog.
For them, you are checking the territory and you “mark” it, so it’s natural to be with you. Dogs kept their pack-oriented behavior, so they don’t have the alone time concept. For dogs, everything happens in a social group. At the same time, dogs often feel anxious when they are alone, so they look for company, so they tend to
follow you around.

They are curious They say cats are curious, but dogs are also curious about things, especially those who live inside the house. When something happens, they want to be there and going in a room, then closing the door is definitely something of high interest for the dog. People first tamed wolves for safety, which is still one of the main purposes of owning a dog. They alert you when something is wrong – in ancient times they barked at saber-tooth, nowadays they bark at the mail-man. Specially trained dogs bark before their owner suffers a crisis. All in one, they keep us safe. When we are in the bathroom, they also want to keep us safety, so they instinctively stay close to us. Next time when your dog is following you to the bathroom, appreciate the gesture: they are showing their love and support for their best friend.


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