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This Is The Average Number Of Sexual Partners A Person Has In A Lifetime

Have you ever wondered how many sexual partners a person has? Men usually tend to boost the number of their partners, while women tend to lower it, due to social misconceptions. A team of researchers conducted a study to find out the answer to this burning question. The study looked at the sexual habits of 2,000 adults in US and Europe. The results showed the number of sexual partners an individual has depends on the country.

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US’s report has been divided by states

On average, Americans have 7.2 partners during their lifetime. Louisiana residents have the biggest number of partners – 15.7, while Utah is at the other end of the list, with an average of 2.6 partners in their lifetimes.

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The survey also asked people which is the number above which a person is considered “too promiscuous”. Women and men had different opinions on this, but they both agreed the perfect number of partners is 7. 3 in 10 people reported that too many sexual partners can be a deal breaker for a relationship.

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The survey also raised awareness on the cultural norms and social conceptions regarding the average (or the normal) number of sexual partners for an individual. The gender gap also plays an important role in this problem, as in most countries it’s accepted and expected for men to have more partners than a woman.

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Of course, the survey was based on responses gave by individuals who were self-assessing themselves. They might not been completely honest about their numbers. Even so, the number of sexual partners a person has in a lifetime differed a lot by country.

As for who lies more about their number, men are more likely to lie about the real number, either downsizing it or emphasizing it.

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All in one, the concept of “normal” in this case is highly personal – what feels normal for you might not be normal for your friend. And that’s perfectly normal! After all, the number of your sexual partners doesn’t even matter, as long as you’ve found your special someone.


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