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Teen Daughter Keeps Getting Thrown Out Of School Over Her Appearance Before Dad Fights Back

School dress codes are notorious for being in the center of scandals.

Fisher Middle School in Los Gatos also got into such an issue after sending a 13 year old girl to change her clothes, which were deemed inappropriate. But her dad was not happy about it.


Demetra Alarcon wore a blue romper to school when one teacher told her the outfit was too distracting for boys, so she has to change. Her father brought her a new outfit, a tank top and shorts.

But the teacher also considered this to be inappropriate, because the shorts were 4 inch too short, according to the school’s dress code.


Mr. Alarcon had a pair of leggings in his car, so Demetra changed her outfit again.

This time, it was approved by the teachers. But her father considered the dress code to be too demanding for girls,  especially since it was a very hot day.


When Tony Alarcon discussed the matter on social media, many other parents agreed with him, so he decided to fight back and change the school’s dress code.

The man says most of the dress code targets girls, while boys can get away with more. Demetra also says she never saw a boy asked to change his outfit.

Mr. Alarcon argues the dress code implies that 13 year old girls are “sex symbols” while they are just kids. This, he says, has a negative impact upon the girls, who grow up with distorted ideas regarding their bodies.

The school Superintendent Diana Abbati refused to publicly comment the matter, but the school issued a press release saying that student must wear appropriate clothes, which allow the kids to participate in the school activities.

Parents and school representatives had a meeting and Mrs. Abbati said the parents will have a response on the dress code change as soon as possible.


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