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Married Man Spends A Fortune To Look Like The ‘Perfect Woman’. Here’s What She Looks Like Now

People spend their money on things they think will make them happy. But, you know the saying – money can’t buy you happiness and that you can’t take it with you when you go. But, Fulvia Pellegrino, 56, a transgender woman tried to buy her own look – she spent more than $76,000 on plastic surgery!

Image Credit: Fulvia Pellegrino / Facebook

Fulvia has undergone two liposuction sessions, four breast implants, and more than 150 cheekbone and lip fillers! All of these procedures were given support by Fulvia’s wife, Marisa. When she was born, Fulvia was named Fulvio.

Image Credit: Fulvia Pellegrino / Facebook

When she was fifteen, she realized that she was transgender – but since her family was very religious, it was all a big secret. Thirty-two years, ago, Fulvia met Marisa and didn’t reveal the truth. They even got married!

Image Credit: Fulvia Pellegrino / Facebook

Fulvia couldn’t keep her true self-hidden and started to cross-dress in their garage and would frequent gay bars. Fulvia had a male personality in public and sported firearms and drove expensive, flashy cars. Finally, sixteen years ago, Fulvia told her secret to Marisa. Marisa and Fulvia still live together, although they are more like sisters than husband and wife.

Image Credit: Fulvia Pellegrino / Facebook

Fulvia’s secret came as a shock to Marisa, who had to see a therapist to help her get used to the idea. Sadly, Fulvia’s family hasn’t been able to adjust to her lifestyle and even prevented Fulvia from going to her father’s funeral.

Image Credit: Fulvia Pellegrino / Facebook

Fulvia plans to make herself look like Allanah Star, an American Transgender porn star. Fulvia doesn’t work, and she and Marisa are struggling to make ends meet.


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