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If You Can Answer This ‘Simple’ Math Question, You’re A Genius!

The first outer, inner last. The famous FOIL method of solving math problems we all probably learned at some point in our schooling. You may have a terrible flashback to those days when you see this tricky math problem – 6 ÷ 2(1+2) =?

That is the problem think you know the answer. Remember what to do? Now that you see, it you may realize that the FOIL method doesn’t apply here at all! OR does it?! But the order of operations concept does. You first do what is in the parenthesis first, followed by the exponents, then multiply, divide, and end with addition, and subtraction. You may remember it being referred to as “Please excuse my dear aunt, Sally.”

So, if you find yourself very confused, don’t worry. The video below that shows how to arrive at the answer to this math problem was posted on YouTube by MindYourDecicions. The problem and its solution have gone viral, and there is a great deal of disagreement about how to solve it. Some say that the answer is “1.” The video seems to suggest otherwise!

One person responded saying that they have a Ph.D., in mathematics and the answer is one. But, it is hard to believe some random commenter about their degree – right? Or should we believe the video since it was posted on the internet?! All this math and all the confusion is giving me a headache!

Watch the video and see if you agree – then find a fifth grader, they will tell you the right answer!

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