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If You Answer These Two Questions You’re Either A Schizophrenic Or A Genius

Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness, often times, the person who has schizophrenia may not even know they have it!

You can’t just look at someone and tell if they have it either. But, there are a variety of psychological tests that can determine what is going on and how to best help. The following questions, they say, can only be answered by someone who is either a genius or schizophrenic.

The test is called the Rotating mask or Hollow Mask test, and it is a powerful optical illusion. Ready to see where you fall? Take a look at the images and answer the questions.

1.    Is the mask in the image convex on one side or both sides?

2.    Is the mask you see rotating in one direction or in two?

Ready for the answers?


1.    It is convex on only one side

2.    It is rotating in one direction (to the right).

Surprisingly enough, if you got them both wrong – you are a normal, healthy person! If you got only one correct, you should find yourself a good psychiatrist! The brain of a person who is schizophrenic is unable to see details so they would see just a mask that is concave and rotating in one direction.

Honestly, this was just for fun.

Please don’t think you are mentally ill if you got one answer right! The brain of a genius is not different from a brain suffering from schizophrenia. A healthy person can see the deceit and can tell their brain to ‘fix’ it.

Source: Brightside


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