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Gynecologists Reveal The 11 Patient Habits That Annoy Them Most

Gynecologists Reveal The 11 Patient Habits That Annoy Them Most



Being a gynecologists is not the most pleasant job in the world. Of course, you do get to treat pregnant women and bring babies into the world, but you also spend a lot of your time checking vaginas and doing Pap smears. Your gynecologist saw many things; too many to worry about couple of longer pubes. However, there are things that annoy them more than a failed haircut and here they are.


1 Canceling the appointment due to having your period

Most women cancel their OB-GYN appointment when they get their period. The reasons are many, from the assumption the Pap test won’t be accurate to simple embarrassment. The reality is your doctor wants you to come to your appointment, despite having your period. They are used to see blood and if your flow is uncharacteristically heavy, you want your doctor to know about it.

On top of it, new technologies allow doctors to get accurate results for the Pap smear, even if you are on your period.


2 Self-diagnosing

All doctors are annoyed when their patients self-diagnose, so this is not a surprise. In the last years, more and more antifungal pills became available over the counter. With help from Google, many women self-diagnose their UTI and start the treatment with pills like Monistat.

When this happens, gynecologists are really angry and for good reasons. First, if you start the treatment before seeing your doctor, when you get an appointment the OB-GYN won’t be able to do anything. Tests are not accurate when you are under a treatment, so they can’t even diagnose you properly. Second, you might miss the diagnose – after all, you are not a gynecologist! – and you might be taking the wrong pills. In some cases, this makes the illness worse and harder to treat.


3 Hiding your current medication

Most women believe the medication they take don’t affect the treatment their gynecologist might give them. Which is a false and dangerous assumption to make! Your OB-GYN is annoyed to find out after a month from prescribing you a certain type of birth control pills that you take medication which can alter the birth control pills’ effect. Even some supplements can decrease the pills’ efficiency.

There are also treatments which can have dangerous side effects, as some types of pills create dangerous combos, affecting your blood pressure, for example.

All in one, your gynecologist needs to know about every single pill you are taking.


4 You don’t speak about what’s wrong with you

One of the most annoying habits for a gynecologist is when the patient expects their doctor to figure out on their own what is the problem. OB-GYNs know you are embarrassed, they know that illnesses in this department are not pleasant, they know you feel bad. But they have to learn what is wrong with you from yourself! A gyno sees your embarrassing disease dozens of times a day. Ditch the shyness and speak up about what’s wrong, because this is the only way your doctor can help you. In some cases, it might be more than a simple UTI, so you might be actually saving your own life by speaking up.


5 Not getting tested for cervical cancer

Women should get tested for cervical cancer on regular basis, between once every three years and every five years, depending on their age and medical advice. However, most women don’t get tested and this annoys the hell out of gynecologists. Sadly, they often see women diagnosed with terminal cancer because of ignoring the regular tests, so they want their patients to get tested on regular basis.


6 Not telling them you have kids

When you go to a new gyno, you have to tell them your medical history and if you have kids, as well as how many. It’s also important to tell how you delivered them. This information will help your doctor decide how to conduct the examination. Not telling them if you have kids and how you delivered them usually results in failed attempts to examine your vagina, which are bad news for both you and your doctor.


7 Asking you to move down the table

Unless is your first time in the gynecologist’s office, you already know you have to be really, really down the table. In other words, very exposed. This is why you are in the doctor’s office, so just do it.


8 Bringing your partner in the doctor’s office

There are things men are supposed to see and things they are not supposed to see. A pelvic exam is in the latter category.


9 Not saying you prefer a woman doctor

An appointment to the gynecologist is not pleasant and many women prefer to be examined by women. If you are one of them, just say it when you make the appointment. It’s really annoying to have a patient in your room who tells you they would prefer to be examined by a woman ob-gyn. This will make you and your doctor lose precious time.


10 Not being open about your sex life

Gynecologists need to know every detail about your sex life. If you feel pain during doggy style, they have to know about. If you experience strange discharge after sex, they have to know it. Being shy about your sex life is annoying and counterproductive.


11 Being embarrassed about how you look or smell

Gynecologists don’t care if you are not shaved down there, but they get very annoyed if you start apologizing about it. You either shave and shut up, either not shave and shut up. As for smells, they are used with strange smells. A simple wash is everything you need before your gyno appointment, so give up on cherry smelling deodorizers.



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