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    Feeding your dog is not enough to make you his favorite person

    In all families who own a dog there is someone who is his favorite. In many cases, that person is not the one who owns the dog and feeds him, which puzzles dog owners all around the world.


    From a human’s logical point of view, the person who owns the dog, raised him since they were a puppy and cares for him daily is the dog’s favorite person. But from a dog’s point of view, this is not how things go. How do they choose their favorites? Can the owner do something to change the dog’s preferences?


    Socialize your dog

    The most important part in a dog’s life is socialization during puppy months. This is when the puppy is most receptive to new situations and learns do deal with them. Being there for your puppy when they face new situations creates a bond between the two of you. In the first six months of life, the dog is very receptive to everything around him and is looking for a person who can comfort him in a new situation. If you are the one who is there when the pup sees a person with an umbrella, for example, you have high chances of becoming their favorite person.

    It’s very important to expose the puppy to as many situations, people, dogs and objects as possible, to make sure they won’t be afraid of them in their adult years. For example, a dog who never saw a man on a bicycle when he was a puppy is likely to be scared of people on bikes for the rest of his life.

    Socialization is very important, but the type of experiences are even more important. The dog needs to have positive experiences during his puppy months, in order to develop into a healthy dog.

    If you adopt an adult dog you can still become his favorite person, as socialization is a continuous process. Focus on spending quality time together, playing fetch or hide and seek. Grooming and training also helps you bond with a dog, regardless of their age.



    Give them attention

    Dogs are like small kids from many points of view and one of them is their continuous demand for attention. This is a little strange, as the article starts from the theory a dog’s favorite person is not the one who gives it the most attention, but dogs bond easier to people who care for them. For example, if a couple gets a dog and only one of them is feeding and walking the dog, it is likely for the dog to  prefer the spouse who gives them the most attention.

    Physical contact is also very important for a dog, as they tend to bond with people who pet them, play with them and cuddle with them. The human’s attitude towards the dog is very important: a dog will tend to stay away from a human who is reserved with dogs.

    Depending on the dog’s size and personality, the way you play with them can matter a lot. For example, a large dog is likely to prefer rough playing sessions, so they will love the person who is able to support such tough games.


    Positive association

    A dog’s favorite person is the one who provides them with more positive experiences. For example, if you are the one who feeds the dog, but your husband is the one who takes the dog to the park to play, they will prefer the latter.

    Of course, food is very important in this game of positive associations, but is not the only important aspect. However, the dog will always love the person who feeds them.

    Few dogs are able to befriend their vets and this is exactly because they associate the vet with bad things, like injections and pain. Positive associations improves the relationship between a dog and a human, so if you want your dog to behave around new people, just ask the newcomer to give treats to your dog. They will have an easier time bonding and the dog will accept new persons easier, thanks to the positive association.



    Dogs tend to bond to people with whom they share personality traits

    There is an old tale that dog owners resemble their pets and it is true. Dogs always bond with the person who has a similar energy level and a similar personality. For example, if you have two dogs, one more quiet and one more active and outgoing, they will bond with with person in the family who is more similar to them. The quiet dog will bond with the most quiet person in the household and the outgoing dog will bond with the extroverted person.

    There are also breeds who only bond to one person, like Basenji, Greyhound, Shiba Inu and Cairn Terrier. Before you get a dog it’s a good thing to check the general personality traits of each dog breed. Each breed has its own general traits – which are not necessarily shared by all individuals of the breed – so, you should be choosing the dog based on these traits. For example, you might find that a German Shepherd is not the best dog for introverts like you.


    How can you become your dog’s favorite person

    Now that you know how dogs choose their favorite person, it’s time to learn how can you become your dog’s favorite. The easy way to improve the bond between you and your dog is to spend at least 30 minutes together, each day, apart from walks.

    During these 30 minutes, you should play your dog’s favorite game, like fetch and tug. Training sessions are another way to spend active bonding time with your dog, who is going to learn new things, thus acquiring new, positive experiences.

    Grooming sessions and massages are also great for improving your bond, as well as sports.

    Focus on having a good time together, as dogs bond with people who take care of them and offer them fun, quality time. The dog will be grateful for each moment you spend together and will give you unconditional love, even if you are not their favorite person (yet).

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    This tiger’s reaction when he notices a woman’s baby bump has gone viral

    It’s no secret animals are a lot smarter than we think they are and they have incredible abilities when it comes to feeling things we can’t feel. This tiger showed this and was caught on camera while doing it!

    Brittany Smith-Osborne was at the Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend, Indiana with her friends when she witness the amazing abilities of animals.

    One of her friends is Natasha, 27 weeks pregnant. When the girls reached the tiger’s den, one tiger was particularly interested in Natasha, who was taking selfies of her and the animal. All her friends were melting when they saw the cuteness of the moment, but one of them notices the tiger was too interested in Natasha.

    The girl asked “Do you think it knows you’re pregnant? Do you think it’s after you because you’re with a baby?”

    Natasha wanted to find out if her friend’s idea was correct, so she stood up and pressed her baby bump against the glass. And this was the moment when everyone saw the tiger was clearly interested in the baby! He can be seen rubbing his face against Natasha’s baby bump, behind the glass.

    The tiger is sniffing the bump and continues to rub his face against it, while the girls go “Awwww”.

    The girls were amazed at the tiger’s senses and the fact it felt the baby, even behind the glass.

    “We all realized that the tiger was very interested in her baby bump. I am so excited that I was able to capture that sweet moment.”

    Smith-Osborne caught the entire moment on camera and the video quickly went viral. It was also shared on the Zoo’s official Facebook page with the caption “This is why the zoo is here – to help make connections to nature”.

    The video gathered more than 5 million views on YouTube. Some of the people commented that Natasha could have been a nice meal for the tiger, but others are sure the tiger was interested in the baby and that it wouldn’t have harmed Natasha, if the glass wall wasn’t there.

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    11 Things couples do for a good night’s sleep

    A strong marriage is based on communication, which is based on time spent together. Because the modern day life leaves us with little free time, one of the times when you can spend important moments with your partner is in the evening, before going to sleep. You don’t need much – a couple of minutes are enough to strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

    Psychologists give us some tips on how to maximize the time you have and ensure you get to show your love to your significant other.


    Establish a routine

    A bedtime routine helps your body prepare for sleep. When you follow the routine with your partner, the bond between you grows stronger. You don’t have to go to extreme lengths to make your own bedtime routine; something simple, like turning off the electronics, dragging the curtains and brushing your teeth is enough.


    Put away the phones

    Smartphone addiction inhibits the release of oxytocin, the hormone which promotes bonding. To be able to fully benefit from the time you have with your partner, close the phone or put it on silent mode, then put it away at 9PM.


    Don’t bring your job to the bed

    When you go to bed, forget about work and your job responsibilities. Resist the temptation to check the phone and reply to work emails by following the previous tip. The time you spend with your partner talking in bed is going to make you productive the next day. Moreover, pillow talk helps you forget about your problems and induces a state of relaxation. Find something pleasant to talk about in bed, in order to connect to your lover and strengthen your bond.


    Go to bed at the same time

    Many couples go to bed at different times, due to a wide range of problems, mostly related to work. Add the fact you rarely see your partner during the day and you have a problem. Go maintain a happy marriage, go to bed at the same time your partner does. Yes, it might be hard, especially if one of you still has work or house chores to do, but it’s worth the effort. Going to bed at the same time strengthens the intimacy and the bond between you and your lover.


    No kids and no pets allowed

    Your bedroom is a space for two, so kids shouldn’t be allowed to sleep with you. This rule is often violated, as it’s hard to resist when your child is asking to jump into your bed. Another cute creature most couples allow in their bed, even if they shouldn’t is their pet. Despite it’s hard to refuse your dog or cat when they jump in the bed, do it. Pets don’t sleep for the entire night and can disturb your sleep.

    Both pets and kids can lead to fights in bed, so it’s better to just set a rule and stick to it.


    Don’t argue before bed

    This is something many couples do, most of the times unconsciously. Because you meet your partner before going to bed, you are tempted to get into  a fight over something that happened over the day. Don’t do this, as arguments before bed ruin your sleep and your relationship. Moreover, you are likely to feel depressed the next day and have a low productivity.


    Just chat

    You don’t have to find solutions to all your problems before going to sleep. In fact, you shouldn’t discuss your problems. Just make sure you pay attention to your partner’s feelings and be supportive for them.

    To strengthen your relationship, make sure you tell them how much you love them and other positive things, which are going to make the both of you feel better. This tone of love and positive thoughts promotes a good night’s sleep and boosts your mood.


    No drinks and no smoking

    Drinking a glass of wine is supposed to promote sleep and it helps create a romantic atmosphere. But the reality is alcohol shortens the period of restorative sleep and makes you feel cranky in the morning. Alcohol also promotes snoring, which is among the top ten causes of fights between couples.

    Another bad habit you should avoid is smoking in bed or right before bed. Nicotine promotes insomnia. Moreover, the smoke from the cigarettes pollutes the air in your bedroom. There is also a third reason not to smoke in bed: it is dangerous.

    Get a massage

    A massage is going to help you and your partner bond and promotes a good night’s sleep, so give each other a massage before sleep.


    Hugs and kisses

    Cuddling is relaxing and helps strengthen your love, so don’t go to sleep before kissing and hugging your partner. You can also try to fall asleep hugging each other, as this promotes a good relationship.


    What to do about insomnia

    If you suffer from insomnia you will have trouble following all these steps, as you won’t be able to fall asleep. Here are some simple and useful tips to ease your insomnia:

    • don’t drink coffee after lunch time
    • don’t snack in bed or right before bed
    • don’t drink too much water before going to sleep
    • take a hot bath before bedtime
    • let fresh air in your room
    • don’t work after 9PM
    • wake up early
    • don’t nap during the day

    change your bedding and invest in high quality ones.

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    11 Movies that starred celebrities and their real-life children

    There are times when you look at a movie and you are amazed how much the actors who play parent-child couples resemble each other. Or, when the main character is seen in their youth and in their elder years and the actors seem to be clones.

    Well, sometimes the directors are fortunate enough to be able to use real-life parent-child couples for such roles. Here are 11 movies where celebrities starred next to their real-life children.


    1. The Big Bang Theory, 2007 and Young Sheldon, 2017 – Laurie Metcalf and Zoe Perry

    Metcalf and Perry took the role of Mary Cooper, Sheldon’s mother, in Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon, playing the same character at different ages. The mother-daughter duo also starred together in Roseanne.

    1. Kiss kiss bang bang, 2005 – Robert Downey Jr. and Indio Falconer Downey

    The charming Robert Downey Jr. has an equally charming son, who joined his father in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, as the young thief Harry Lockhard.

    1. Orange is the new black, 2013 – Dascha Polanco and Dasany Kristal Gonzalez

    The mother and daughter took the role of Dayanara Diaz, playing it at different ages and leaving the viewers puzzled at their resemblance.

    1. Underworld: Evolution, 2006 – Kate Beckinsale and Lily Mo Sheen

    While Beckinsale was playing Selene, her daughter played the younger version of the character. The movie was a sort of family gathering, as Michael Sheen, the father of Lily Mo also played a role, performing as the leader of the Lycans.

    1. Striptease, 1996 – Demi Moore and Rummer Willis

    Rummer Willis, the eldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, is now a talented young woman. When she was a child, she starred in the movie Striptease, next to her mother, playing her mother’s daughter.

    1. That’s my boy, 2012 – Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri

    Eva Amurri inherited her mother’s talent and is often seen starring alongside Sarandon. Amurri played her mother’s younger version in That’s my boy, as young Mary McGarricle. She also played her mother’s younger version in Dead man walking, taking the role of young Sister Helen.

    1. Head full of honey, 2014 – Til Schweiger and Emma Schweiger

    Til and Emma Schweiger play the roles of a father-daughter duo in the movie Head full of honey. Another daughter of Schweiger joined him in Tschiller: Off duty, also playing her father’s character’s daughter.

    1. Evening, 2007 – Meryl Streep and Mamie Gummer

    The main character in Evening is played by mother-daughter duo, Meryl Streep and Mamie Gummer. Mamie inherited her mother’s look and talent, which made the movie a real delight to watch.

    1. The Heartbreak Kid, 2007 – Jerry Stiller and Ben Stiller

    The father and son played the role of a father-son couple in The Heartbreak Kid, showing that acting talent is inherited. Nowadays, older Stiller retired from acting, but his son is carrying on the family business. The duo starred together as father-son in multiple movies.

    1. After Earth, 2013 – Will Smith and Jaden Smith

    The Smith family is very talented – that’s for sure! Will Smith and his son Jaden played a father-son duo in After Earth and in The Pursuit of Happiness. The two actors were brilliant at depicting the natural dynamic of a father-son relationship in both movies.

    1. It Runs in the family, 2003 – Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas and Cameron Douglas

    The title of the movie couldn’t have been more appropriate for the Douglas clan: the talent runs in their family on three generations. In this movie we can see the three men playing a grandfather, father and son trio, just like they are in real life. The wife of Kirk Douglas also plays in this movie.

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    24 Satirical illustrations raising awareness on what’s wrong in the modern society.

    Modern society is plagued by lots of problems, ranging from technology and a generalized negativity. Most of the times, illustrators like to depict fun things, but Steve Cutts and John Holcroft gave us a bleak and very real image of our society and its problems.

    John Holcroft’s illustrations are inspired by the 50s art and depict the serious problems faced by humanity. He is based in England and everyone can admire his work on www.johnholcroft.com.

    Steve Cutts, who is also based in England, creates illustrations focused on modern society’s excesses. He gets his inspiration from the 30s and 40s cartoons, but he also makes modern comic books. You can see more of his work at www.stevecutts.com.

    Both illustrators want to raise awareness on today’s society, filled with serious problems. They put their talent to work in order to create satirical depictions of modern-day realities, sending a strong message to the viewer.


    1. This illustration by Steve Cutts depicts the fear we all have of internet. The guy hanging from the comments is the average person, who is afraid of the negative comments they will receive for their post in the comments. Internet feedback is scary!

    1. John Holcroft’s illustration shows the end of books. In his grim illustration, the book is a coffin, which is gradually sealed by social media nails, like Facebook & Co. We all know that literature is dead, but when you see it like this, it becomes more obvious.

    1. Since the appearance of smartphones, we’ve been using them 24/7, becoming attached to them. As we hide our faces behind our phones, they’ve been gradually representing our identity, but in a fake way.

    1. Holcroft is representing the Earth slipping through our fingers in this illustration which draws attention on the climate change and the high level of pollution. As we drain the planet from its resources, we are losing it bit by bit.

    1. Pokemon Go allowed the 90s kids to re-live their childhood, but this time, on their smartphones. Joined by today’s teens, millennials embraced this app, completely immersing themselves in their phones. Pokemon Go ended up being a big human trap, as the players ignored the surroundings and got in troubles.

    1. The Apple is now filled with wires and batteries. This illustration can be seen in two ways: as an ode to the latest technology or as the decay of natural life.

    1. We spend the entire life running after money, but when we eventually get them, we die. We end up in a money trap, which kills us. The illustration depicts the reality of modern day consumerism.

    1. Private healthcare is a system that runs on money, as seen in this illustration. Doctors are like robots, which only work if you stuff money in them. The illustration shows the issues of feeding a private system, instead of relying on public healthcare.

    1. We rely on social media to feed our ego, as depicted in this illustration. The cereal box is full of likes, which feed the ego, allowing us to live another day. Virtual acceptance is the main source of self validation, especially for young people, who are addicted to social media

    1. A child’s freedom depends on the parent’s freedom, but, unfortunately, parents are trapped by the modern society. The pregnant prisoner is a vivid depiction of this reality and shows the issues of the justice system. Another interpretation of this illustration is that a child who comes from such a dark environment is not able to escape their fate of turning into a victim of the said environment.

    1. Holcroft captures the gender inequality in this illustration by depicting how women’s flight to success is cut down by their gender, represented by a pink ribbon. We can also see the men flight up, undisturbed by an obstacle.

    1. This illustration by Holcroft shows the irony of modern dating, which turned into a light game. The chocolate box shows pretty faces, ready to be picked from their place. The online dating game is all based on physical appearance and the short description of the people, not the real person.

    1. This illustration shows how people are the masters of animals, but smartphones are the masters of humans. Smartphones are driving our lives, using likes as treats for humans. The entire scene in this illustration shows just how much social media controls our life, minute by minute.

    1. Parenting is one of the hot topics of the day, so it is present in our series of illustrations. Despite we like to think we let our children make their own decisions, parents control their children at every step. In this illustration, the parents hold the child in a leash, controlling their child’s thinking and education.

    1. Another social platform which controls our lives is Twitter. In this illustration, it is depicted as the IV keeping a young girl alive. The age of the girl makes us think the new generation is addicted to social media and needs it to survive. The illustration is the core of the modern human’s relation with technology.

    1. This can of “modern life” has all the attributes of the modern-day living. It is overrated, under-nourishing, full of disillusions and disappointment. The warning signs on the can also reveal how toxic it is, so not everyone should take this can of condensed life. While the can depicts the realities of our void lives, it also suggests the lack of healthy food in our markets.

    1. This brutal illustration shows how branding is modeling our brains. We are constantly violated with tons of messages, which aim to cut deeper into the human brain. The result is we end up brainwashed by marketing, tricked to contribute to consumerism. This explains why many people end up paying more for branded products, despite the fact they are the same as unbranded ones.

    1. Speaking of consumerism, the next illustration shows how shopping can turn a person into a plain product. The woman seen shopping in the streets of Paris turned into a product, as she is wearing a bar code. This is the core of consumerism, which turns us into identical creatures. Trends come and go, robbing people of their individuality.

    1. This funny illustration reveals the reality of humanity, which is a real plague for the planet. The image shows a doctor giving the diagnosis to planet Earth, who is horrified to learn that she has humans. Indeed, she has the right to be scared, as humans cut down the woods, drain the natural resources and pollute the environment, killing the planet slowly. Humans are creatures to be afraid of, if you are a planet.

    1. We all know what an internet troll is: that sneaky individual who always delivers an offensive comment to anything they find online. In this illustration, the troll is seem hiding under a bridge and sporting monster-like features. The bridge is the metaphor for the internet, which enables these trolls to hide – in real life you can’t spot them and most of the times, they are too afraid to bully anyone face to face.

    1. This illustration shows the positive side of smartphones, as well as the change of times. Since the appearance of smartphones, which have built-in tools and apps for pretty much anything, a big number of items became useless. For example, calculators, compasses and rulers are now things of the past, because the average smartphone has built-in tools which replace them. The only thing a smartphone can’t replace is a pair of glasses, which are also depicted, as a sign not everything can be replaced by new technology.

    1. Holidays changed when the internet made it possible to share our memories on social media. Instead of leaving for a nice trip, one can relax on Facebook. What we don’t know is that social media is full of sharks, which are going to take their share out of us. Another thing we see in this illustration is that oversharing our holidays, we attract a wide range of people with bad intention, from trolls to thieves. The modern escape doesn’t look like an escape anymore.

    1. Remember Michael Jackson’s Thriller? Well, the late singer was a visionary, as the images from the video resemble modern-day life. Everywhere you go you can see hoards of zombies, wandering the streets with empty minds, holding their smartphones. Unable to see where they go, they simply walk, completely immersed in the screens.

    1. What happens when we are buried in our devices? We live surrounded by smartphones, laptops and television, as well as dozens of other devices. We can see the nature’s beauty on them, but not the real nature, so in this illustration, someone is trying to paint the technology in bright green. Unfortunate, technology can’t replace nature.

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    Meet The 90 Year Old Grandma Who Turned Her Village Into An Art Gallery

    Anežka Kašpárková is a 90 year old grandmother from Louka, Czech Republic. At the first sight there is nothing special about her, but the ex-farmer has an out-of-the-box hobby: she likes to paint the local houses. It’s not any painting we’re talking about, but intricate designs. Anežka took up this hobby from another local, who had been doing this for years.
    Anežka picks up her blue paint and spends every day painting the door and window frames of the houses in Louka with traditional floral motifs. The grandmother says she is doing this for pleasure.
    Needless to say, Anežka’s “pleasure” became viral both in her village and in the entire Czech Republic. Many people come to see her at work and admire the decorated houses.


    Photo: Antonín Vrba

    Photo: Yoa Studio – Q. Bình Thạnh

    Photo: Antonín Vrba

    Photo: MARILART di Marialaura Pedone

    Photo: MARILART di Marialaura Pedone

    Photo: MARILART di Marialaura Pedone

    Photo: MARILART di Marialaura Pedone

    Photo: MARILART di Marialaura Pedone

    Photo: MARILART di Marialaura Pedone

    Photo: Yoa Studio – Q. Bình Thạnh

    Photo: Yoa Studio – Q. Bình Thạnh

    Photo: Wikicommons

    Photo: Yoa Studio – Q. Bình Thạnh

    Photo: Yoa Studio – Q. Bình Thạnh

    Photo: MARILART di Marialaura Pedone

    Photo: Obec Louka

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    These Photos Show That Our Parents Were Cooler Than Us

    Your parents seem to be two of the most boring creatures on earth, always thinking of household chores and groceries. They rarely seem to understand millennials and their love for the internet, among other things. But when it comes to vintage stuff, our parents label them as “old” and disapprove them completely, while we love them!
    We love the freedom of the 70s, the crazy disco times of the 80s and the fashion of the 60s. Which happen to be all the trends our own parents lived by! Yes, they were the awesome people who invented the psychedelic rock and used to ride in their Mustangs, while smoking a joint. Maybe this is why they think vintage stuff is just old stuff: they were the ones who invented them, so it’s natural to see them as plain old. Internet users started sharing photos of their parents looking way cooler than millennials will ever be and the images are epic!


    #1 My Mother Skateboarding Barefoot In California In 1974


    #2 I Found A Photo Of My Dad Cooking Barbecue On Top Of A Moving Submarine


    #3 My Dad Sculpting A Bust Of My Mom 1980s


    #4 A Friend Of My Father’s , Telling Off Klan Member. Auburn AL, 1985


    #5 My Dad Skateboarding At Hyde School 1982. I Think He Was Cooler Than Me


    #6 My Mom At 16 Yrs Old With Her New Camaro In 1975


    #7 My Dad Being Infinitely Cooler Than I’ll Ever Be (1980)


    #8 My Mother When She Was A Tank Instructor In 1984


    #9 My Dad, Taken For Surfer Magazine. Peru, 1977 


    #10 Late 1960’s, My Dad


    #11 My Mom In Moscow 1975. From All The Stories She’s Told Me About Her Travels, I Wouldn’t be surprised If She Was A Spy.


    #12 My Dad’s First Car, A 1939 Ford. He Bought It With His Own Money That He Earned Farming (And Drove It Daily). He Was 11 When He Bought It , So This Photo Was Taken In 1948


    #13 My Dad Wasn’t Famous, But His Moves Were Pretty Cool (1977)


    #14 My Dad In Saudi Arabia In The 70’s Working As A US Military Contractor Diving In The Red Sea


    #15 My Dad In The 70’s Doing What He Loves. Father To 4 Boys. More Man Than Myth Or Legend


    #16 My Dad Teaching Math In Southern California (Late 70’s / Early 80’s)


    #17 My Moms Selfie Before It Was Cool (1989)


    #18 My Mom And Dad On Their Wedding Day – 1980


    #19 My Mom When She Lived In Alaska With Her Husky Puppy, Okie


    #20 48 Beers And Unicycle. My Dad In Early 80s. 


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    Hedgehog Goes Camping And The Result Is Hilarious

    Azuki is already an internet star, since his adventures were documented closely by his owner. His Instageam account already has more than 200k followers, which is a lot for a small hedgehog. But the little hedgehog is now returning with a bigger, better adventure: he just went camping. And he has photos to show! Which will probably double the number of his Instagram followers.
    Cute Azuki left his mansion and put on his camp somewhere in the woods. He has a little tent, barbecue and even a kayak to explore the wilderness. Judging by these pictures, the little one had a great time and can inspire you to go camping as well. Who knows? Maybe you will come across a hedgehog as well!


    Photo: Instagram hedgehog_azuki

    Photo: Instagram hedgehog_azuki

    Photo: Instagram hedgehog_azuki

    Photo: Instagram hedgehog_azuki

    Photo: Instagram hedgehog_azuki

    Photo: Instagram hedgehog_azuki

    Photo: Instagram hedgehog_azuki

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    These Pictures Show That Cats Are The Most Spoiled Creatures On Earth

    Dogs have owners and cats have servants. This is the truth known by all cat owners, who understand their business on this planet is to serve their cats. What is the profile of a spoiled cat? She eats better food than her master, she sleeps on silk pillows and has everything she wants, when she wants. Like an elevator, for example.

    Here are some examples of spoiled cats. However, the term “spoiled” is relative: what we call spoiled, cats call normal everyday living.

    #1 His Own Elevator


    #2 Mini Bedroom For Cat


    #3 His Own Hammock 


    #4 Kitty Castle


    #5 His Own Leather Couch


    #6 If I Fits I Sits (Fancy Edition)


    #7 Cat Eating Sushi

    #8 My Friend Has A Hammock For Their Cat


    #9 Cat Playing With His iPad


    #10 Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel


    #11 Beemer’s New House


    #12 Luxury Hotel Room For Cat


    #13 Choupette On A Private Jet Plane


    #14 Ahi Tuna Sushi For The Cats And Steak For Dogs


    #15 Breakfast 


    #16 Cat Eating His Lobster


    #17 Happy Trio


    #18 Nilay And Her Time And Relative Dimension In Scratch.. 🙂


    #19 Kitty And His Couch


    #20 Kitty Condo

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    This Man Did A Boudoir-Like Photoshoot In The Middle Of The Field. With Pumpkins!

    Autumn is the season of weddings, crop gathering and cozy blankets. We love to cuddle with a cup of hot coffee while watching the rain outside. Pumpkins are also highly valued in autumn, in all forms. One couple decided to celebrate this season and pumpkins in an interesting way: the husband did a “dudeoir” photoshoot with pumpkins. ONLY pumpkins!
    Gayla and Ryan Thompson went in the middle of a field with couple of pumpkins, a bottle of Bud. Then, Ryan stripped to his boxers and the fun began! The photoshoot contains all the iconic poses of a decent budoir shoot, as Ryan showed off his curves in all spendor.
    Gayla posted on her social media account the comment “He’s my pumpkin butt” which is probably the most honest proof of love. Along with the pictures her husband took, which speak volumes about his love for Gayla.

    If you needed inspiration for autumn photoshoots, here are the pictures.


    Photo: GT Photography

    Photo: GT Photography

    Photo: GT Photography

    Photo: GT Photography

    Photo: GT Photography

    Photo: GT Photography

    Photo: GT Photography

    Photo: GT Photography

    Photo: GT Photography

    Photo: GT Photography

    Picture: GT Photography

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    When Pets Act Like Jerks

    We love our pets and often treat them as family members. They are spoiled and each time they get into trouble they manage to get away with it.

    But this doesn’t mean you can’t take pictures of them when they are being jerks. Simply posting them online, in an attempt to shame the pet who destroyed your bed or covered the house in toilet paper, can make the owner feel better, so here are the funniest pictures of pets being jerks.


    #1 Are You Missing Underwear? 


    #2 She Looked Guilty For A Split Second, Then Continued With Her Rampage


    #3  15th Century Cat Leaves Paw Prints On Owner’s Manuscript

    Emir O. Filipovic

    #4 My Dog Drowning Me For My Raft


    #5 One Of These Shapes Is Not Like The Other. One Of These Shapes Does Not Belong


    #6 I Have A Longhair Cat Who Covers His Hairballs With Whatever He Can Find. This Morning, I Woke Up To This


    #7 Glad You Found Them Comfy 


    #8 I’m Coughing So Hard I’m Breaking A Sweat And It’s Like A Million Degrees In My House And This One Won’t Stop Unplugging The Fan


    #9 Was Woken Up By My Parrot Saying “Help Me Help Me” Which Is What He Says When He Gets His Foot Tangled In His Toy, Wasn’t Expecting This


    #10 Cat Pushes Brother Into Pool


    #11 Welp, There Goes The Dog’s Food


    #12 Cage Me Again Motherf*cker


    #13 This Kitten Don’t Mess Around


    #14 Made A Pie Crust. Turned Around To Get Filling. Turned Back Around And This Is What I Found


    #15 This Is My Life Now, But At Least I Have Pretzels


    #16 Hey, Hey. For Real This Time


    #17 She Always Has To Be The Center Of Attention


    #18 This Jerk


    #19 My Dog Is An Asshole


    #20 Dutchie Opened The Window During A Car Wash


    #21 Artie Found A Comfy Spot By The Fire


    #22 I Finally Caught Him In The Act


    #23 Looks Like Dogs Are Jerks To Their Siblings As Well


    #24 I’ve Altered Your Signal. Pray I Don’t Alter It Any Further


    #25 My Husband And I Can Officially Check “Pull A Balloon String Out Of A Cat’s Asshole At 11:30 At Night” Off Our Bucket List. Finally.


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    A Man’s Best Friend Is Dog, A Dog’s Best Friend Is Mud

    We love dogs for being there for us at all times, for their funny faces and puppy eyes. But there is one thing we don’t love: a dirty dog. At the same time, dogs seem to have an ardent passion for mud. Combine the two facts and you have a dog owner’s worst nightmare: a pup covered in mud!

    These pictures show that muddy dogs look funny, as long as you don’t have to take it back home and give it a long, good bath!


    #1 What?


    #2 I Love You Mud

    Sandra Katiela

    #3 She Thought She Was Jumping Into Water. Regret Ensued


    #4 My Dog Has Mud Skills Man


    #5 Can You Guess Which Dog Knows What The Word “Bath” Means?


    #6 Doggie Slipper


    #7 The Aftermath Of Wet Weather Meeting A Samoyed Puppy Digging A Hole


    #8 Little One Got Stuck In Ditch, Big One Went In To Retrieve Him. No Pup Left Behind!


    #9 Just Washed My Dog, I Think I’ts Safe To Say The Games Are Over


    #10 I Just Had Best Time Ever


    #11 Best Day Ever

    #12 I Did Not Eat Mud


    #13 Just Gave These Two Assholes A Bath…


    #14 Dogs In Mud


    #15 Dog Finds A Mud Pit, Celebrates Accordingly


    #16 No Regrets

    #17 The White Dog Finds The Deepest Muddiest Puddle She Can Find And Walks Straight In!


    #18 Klaus Got A Bit… Muddy


    #19 My White Husky’s Favorite Thing To Do Is Lay In Mud


    #20 Dogs Love Steamboat Springs, Mud Or Snow


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